We are GREEN! We are CLEAR! We are ready for you to come shoot with US!!

Double Adobe Campground & Shotgun Sports

5057 W. Double Adobe Road, McNeal, AZ 85617

520-364-4000 or 1-800-694-4242


Reclaimed Shot Available Cleaned and Polished Call Roy for pricing 520-364-4000 

2015/2016 ATA SHOOTS DATES                                                                       

NOV.07 & 08 (2015)

JAN. 2 (2016)           FEB.  13 &14 (2016)            MAR.26 &27(2016)  MAY, 7 & 8 (2016

Start time 10:00 AM on all ATA Shoots

Practice Trap is $6.00** per round of 25!
 **Prices may vary according to target cost

Double Adobe Campground & Shotgun Sports                            

WE ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC BUT MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE ATA                                              


REGISTERED ATA Trapshooting at Double Adobe

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